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Represents the most advanced form of logistics outsourcing worldwide

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We encompass a broad range of competences

including but not limited to

End to end supply chain solutions

We provide holistic and integrated management of entire supply chains, from the point of origin to the end consumer

Technology Implementation

We do leverage advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and big data analytics to optimise logistics and supply chain processes

Strategic Planning

We are involved in strategic planning and network design, considering global trends and market demands

Consultancy Services

Offering expert consultancy in logistics and supply chain management to enhance efficiency and reduce costs. Providing supply chain analytics and business intelligence

Customised Solutions

We specialise in providing customised logistics solutions tailored to specific business needs

Multi-Modal Transportation Management

Proficient in managing various modes of transportation to ensure efficient and timely delivery

Road Transport

Our own fleet of special trucks is capable to transport following types of cargo: heavy and oversized, temperature-controlled, liquid and dangerous (ADR), groupage shipments (LTL)

Sea Transport

Our sea freight services include container shipping and bulk cargo. We do have own equipment: flat-racks, open-top and also tank-containers

Air Transport

We are capable of handling sensitive and urgent shipments worldwide based on our “speed and global reach” special concept

Rail Transport

We focus on cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness when offering to customers our unique “intermodal solutions”

Carrier and Vendor Management

Handling relationships and negotiations with carriers and other vendors to streamline logistics operations

Global Network Coordination

Ability to coordinate and manage logistics operations on a global scale, including compliance with international trade regulations

Cost Optimisation

Focused on optimising the cost of the supply chain and logistics processes without compromising service quality

Risk Management

Identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in the supply chain to ensure smooth operations

In essence, ALVA Logistics is a strategic partner capable of managing and optimising all aspects of the supply chain with a strong focus on technology-driven solutions

Our core markets are

North and South America • Europe • Africa • Asia

Our core markets are

North and South America • Europe • Africa • Asia

Road Transport
Sea Transport
Air Transport
Rail Transport